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June 11, 2014 Guy Stuff, Travel

Every Guy Should Have These Items On Their Travel Packing List

Packing t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, toiletries, and other bare essentials is a given for any trip. But no matter how organized you are, you’re still bound to forget something. Or, there will be things that you simply never thought you would need on your trip. Before traveling, it’s always a great idea to visualize how you will lay out your items in your suitcase and prepare a list of everything you may need to pack. Below are a few items that you should definitely include on your list that won’t leave anything too important behind:

1. Electronics
Nikon Coolpix Camera
You’ll want to bring a point-and-shoot camera, your tablet, and a charger. These are three electronic items that you should never not bring along when traveling out of state. Having a tablet such as an Apple iPad mini or a Samsung Galaxy Note will help you stay in touch and access the Internet in a more accessible way than your smartphone. We do not suggest you bring your DSLR camera unless necessary, but having a point-and-shoot camera such as the Nikon Coolpix may prove useful to capture memories of your trip. Having your charger in tow goes without saying. In fact, you should not only bring your regular chargers but also consider a travel charger with international adapters if you are traveling aboard.

2. Airplane Amenity Kit
Travel Pillow
Whether you bring your own or hoard the amenity kit provided by the airline carrier, a good kit is an essential part of your travel experience. For those not lucky enough to enjoy the luxurious kits provided in first class, it’s up to you to prepare your own. No kit is complete without toothpaste, a toothbrush, earplugs, inflatable travel pillow, pen, paper and eye mask.

3. Travel Protection
Sir Richards Condom
We all want to feel protected. Whether you are traveling to a sunny destination where you will need an abundance of sunscreen or you want to guard against illness and infection with hand sanitizer, you’ll want to plan smart, even buying some safe cash bags from Versapak to make sure your money and belongings are safe. Caring instant hand sanitizers and cleaning cloths may seem like something your girlfriend or wife may carry, but men should also make sure the trip is healthy and happy. And don’t forget to pack some condoms. Sure, you can buy some on the road – but why not prepare ahead of time and protect yourself by having a box handy?


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