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March 8, 2017 Guy Stuff

Get Maude

Get Maude Sex Essentials

Sex is great. Buying stuff for it isn’t. Those are Maude’s words, not ours. Who is Maude? Yeah, we were wondering the same thing. We were attracted (no pun intended) to their sleek, minimalist, and yes – pretty packaging. Moreover, we quickly discovered that Maude is all about “taking the b@#$%$@# out of getting lucky.” Simply put, “Maude” is an overdue modern sex essentials company that will “save you from ugly packaging, outdated purchasing, and frankly, WTF messaging.” Again, their words not ours.

We are suckers for packing; you know, like when a guy gets the girl at ‘hello,’ so when we randomly came across Maude we had to check it out. From everything we can see and read, the company is on a mission to make sex smart and fun without the b$%#&#$@. Emphasis on the without b$%#&#$@. Designed by humans, for all humans, Maude’s motto is clear, “Whatever your sex is and wherever you prefer it.”

Get Maude Sex Condoms Wipes

Maude offers just about all the essentials for sex including lube, vibrators, condoms, and wipes. Scoring that home run is on You. Maude is not yet available on the market, but if you take the jump over to their website, they are giving away a 3-pack of condoms for free. All you need to do is cover the cost of shipping. Movie dates, weekend rendezvous, as well as wining and dining a potential mate is not cheap. Paying $1.50 for shipping of a pack of condom sure sounds like a great investment to us. Protecting yourself is priceless.

Maude Lube Sex

Maude was built as a nod to throwback sex brands that were unisex with cool names and had a rebellious spirit. Curious about the name? We were too. Focus on the idea that “maudern” sex is coming your way soon. Get it? Good. And if you were wondering if the materials Maude uses to manufacture their products are safe; they sure are according to their FAQ. Maude uses FDA approved medical grade silicone for their toys, 100% natural latex for their condoms, and natural ingredients in their lubricants. The company also uses sustainable materials and packaging.

Are you intrigued? We think you are. What are you waiting for? Get Maude now! Get laid with confidence; knowing that Maude has you ‘covered.’ Maudern sex essentials are coming soon.


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