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July 17, 2017 Food + Drink

Hopsy – The Amazon Of Craft Beers

You’re not still drinking macrobrews, are you? C’mon, son – it’s easier than ever to gain access to some of the tastiest and most innovative craft brews around. Not only that, with the advent of craft beer delivery service Hopsy, you’ve got the world of microbrew goodness literally at your fingertips.

Pure Happiness in a Glass

Just a stone’s throw from San Francisco, California-based Hopsy is transforming the craft beer delivery market. Hopsy partners with local craft brewers in San Francisco and San Diego, providing thirsty customers the chance to order 32-ounce “growlettes” of quality microbrewed beer and have it delivered directly to their door, still cold and sweating.

Need more than just 32 ounces? Hopsy also offers 2-liter torpedo kegs – affectionately called “torps” that go with its SUB home draft system developed by KRUPS. It’s ideal for keeping your beer chilled and pressurized for up to two weeks, and for providing you that perfect taproom experience right at home.
Hopsey Beer 2

Let Your Taste Buds Do the Talking

Between its partnerships with more than 20 local craft breweries in both the San Diego and San Francisco areas, Hopsy has a brew for you. Deliveries are simple – a flat $9.99 shipping fee gets you all the craft beer you would ever want. If you’re local you can even swing by to pick up your order and save a few bucks – or return your empties for credit on your next order.

Right now, Hopsy offers its unique delivery service to California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and most of Arizona – not bad for a startup that’s only been around since 2015! This fast-growing company is constantly expanding its delivery area, so it’s only a matter of time before Hopsy conquers the entire west coast and beyond.

Hopsy Alameda Island Haze Ipa

The Future of Craft Beer, One Delivery at a Time

Hopsy is hands-down one of the best services out there for the dedicated craft beer drinker. The website doesn’t just have a massive menu to choose from – it will guide you through the beer selection process, taking your tastes to heart and recommending the best beers for your palate.

Whether you like it hoppy and dark or if you prefer sour and cider, Hopsy can open up your horizons and leave you a very happy camper. Put down that can of mass-produced swill and experience the magic of local craft beer today!


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