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July 31, 2017 Guy Stuff

Keep Your Sneakers Safe With Dry Steppers

Dry Steppers Protect Shoes

Sneakers are more than just footwear – they’re everything. Showcasing your fashion and personality through what you’ve got on your feet is important, and that’s why it’s key to keep your kicks clean.

Normally this would mean not wearing them out when the weather’s bad. Rain, mud, snow, you name it – none of that’s good for a pair of mint Air Jordans. It’s not like you can go barefoot, though, so what are you going to do? Wrap your feet up in newspaper?

Dry Stepper Shoe Protectors

Dry Steppers to the Rescue

Brooklyn-based Dry Steppers has you covered. Offering sneaker covers featuring cutting-edge fashion designed to keep all sorts of inclement weather out, Dry Steppers are the perfect go-to for your kicks – keeping them clean and keeping you in style.

These ain’t your daddy’s overshoes. Dry Steppers feature high-quality construction with heavy-duty plastic that doesn’t rip and won’t wear out. Each set of Dry Steppers is fitted to a rubberized sole with a patent-pending tread specifically for moving water out and away, providing non-slip traction in even the wettest of conditions.

Dry Stepper

Form, Function, and Fashion

Dry Steppers keep your feet dry and your sneakers clean thanks to their elastic draw cord and toggles, specifically designed to seal out moisture. With a front zipper for added fit and security, each set of Dry Steppers fits like a glove, leaving no possibility of water getting in and ruining your Yeezys.

But Dry Steppers aren’t just about protecting your toes. Each product in the collection features the image of a high-fashion sneaker on the outside, so you don’t look like you’re wearing plastic bags on your feet. Want to show off the sneakers you’re actually wearing? Dry Steppers comes in clear plastic as well, providing you lots of options to choose from when it comes to keeping kicks clean.

Dry Stepper 2

Perfect for Every Foot

Whether you’re stepping out in new Nikes or your rocking a pair of old-school Chuck Taylor’s, Dry Steppers are perfect for every foot. With clear and easy-to-understand sizing charts on its website for both men and women, Dry Steppers will ship your shoe covers right to your door for just $19.99 each. With Dry Steppers, you’ll never have to suffer through weather-damaged sneakers ever again.


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