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June 14, 2017 Guy Stuff

Better Living Through Technology: 4 Great Mobile Apps You Need to Download

Have a goal. Make it manageable.


Life is hectic, chaotic, messy, and sometimes downright stressful. Thankfully we’ve got access to fantastic tools meant to make our lives better – and help is just a tap away. Here’s four of the best new mobile apps out there to help you tame your crazy life.

Wingman Iphone App


Wingman is a new free iOS dating app with a twist – you don’t fill out your profile yourself. Instead, you invite a friend to download a copy of the app and let them list all your great qualities and scroll through other profiles, selecting people they think you should date.

Wingman enlists the help of someone outside of your head, someone who (supposedly) knows you enough to have your best interests and you can trust to choose a good potential dating partner. Of course, it’s also possible the whole thing could lead to disaster, but at least you’ll end up with a good story out of it!


Losing sight of your friends in the car ahead of you during a road trip is the worst – especially if they’re the ones who know where you’re going! Follow puts an end to this dilemma, making it easy to track the location of everyone in a traveling caravan.

Simply have someone in the lead car download the app, set themselves as the “leader,” and your copy of the app will slide into the “follower” position. Now if you get separated, a map of each car’s location is just a tap away.

Follow App is free for both iOS and Android, and provides support for one lead car and one follower. For a small fee you can upgrade, providing unlimited follower positions.

Iphone App Phone

Remote Control for Mac

This $3.99 iOS-exclusive app turns any iPhone or iPad into a fully-featured remote control for your Mac. With the Remote Control for Mac App you can instantly turn your iPhone & iPad into universal remote control for your Mac with keyboard and trackpad.

You can change the volume on your streaming audio and manage your desktop apps with a swipe and a tap. You can even schedule events, like shutting your Mac off after the movie you’re watching is over. It doesn’t get simpler than that.


Speaking of simple, Manageable is a great app for anyone who needs a little help managing their time. This free iOS productivity app makes it easy to create clean, no-nonsense task lists that can help you get anything and everything done. Features include, clutter-free hierarchical lists, a clean gesture-driven interface, the ability to search, import or share your project outlines, and to backup data to iCloud, DropBox, and more.

So what are you waiting for? Get downloading today and reclaim your life from the chaos it’s become!


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