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August 21, 2020 Grooming

Find a Better Way to Do It With Champ

Champ Products Starting Line Up

Sex is fun, right? No one will admit it, but it’s America’s pastime (sorry, baseball fans!). And like a baseball player using the right gear to prevent injuries, you may find yourself in need of some gear of your own the next time you’re up to bat (pun intended). Is there a discrete way to ask the drugstore clerk, “how much for the condoms or lube?” Ugh. Talk about embarrassing! If you ever want to get out of the Minors, though, it’s a necessity, despite how much of a drag it is to purchase sexual health items in person.

Well, things have changed. It’s the 21st century, for Pete’s sake – and it’s about time there was a new way to buy condoms and lubes without the Walk of Shame. Meet Champ, your new MVP.

Champ Lubricants Products

Put Me In, Coach

It’s time to bench the drugstore — there’s a new player in town when it comes to sexual health and wellness. Champ is ready to take the field and get down and dirty while offering you the best in natural protection, so you don’t end up with Athlete’s Crotch or even worse.

What makes Champ ready for the Big Leagues? It’s no mystery: Champ’s products are made from premium ingredients like 100 percent all-natural electronically tested rubber latex and medical grade silicone – and no fillers like parabens, casein, or BPA) to ensure your own little champ doesn’t go down swinging.

Champ Condom Ribbed Triple Play

Champ Helps You Stand Tall and Proud

There’s more at stake than just performance on the field with Champ, though. Let’s be honest: the entire way we shop for sex stuff needs to change. Sexual wellness is about being a responsible adult, and that means embracing condoms and lubes that anyone would be proud to buy in public. That’s why Champ features classy, clean labels and packaging that make their products look like they belong right in your medicine cabinet, next to the toothpaste and shaving cream.

At the same time, Champ knows that plenty of people out there have some pretty juvenile hang-ups about sex. That’s why they offer shipping right to your door in discreet, unmarked boxes so your meathead neighbor doesn’t give you a hard time. Champ ships straight from their fulfillment center, too – you won’t get sketchy resold, expired, or counterfeit products at your door.

Champ Condoms 1200x1200

Stuff You Need Coming Off The Bench

There are rules and regulations for every game. If you’re going to play the game of sex like a “champ,” we suggest you start with the first line of defense — Champs Ultra-Thin or Ribbed Condoms. Natural latex, medical-grade silicone oil, tested for safety, and efficacy by a world-class manufacturer, with Champs condoms, you’re prepared for a grand slam.

Champ Produvts Starting Lineup

Knock It Out of the Park Without Knocking Anyone Up

From their choice of ultra-thin or ribbed condoms, water-based or silicone-based lubricant, or their exclusive Starting Lineup box with a little bit of everything to wet your whistle, Champ will have you and your sex partner cheering like true fans. There are no buts about it: Champ is just a better way to do it.


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