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February 23, 2010 Guy Stuff

Manly Cupcakes Cause Shrinkage

Cupecakes for dudes??? Stud Muffins… The Rum & Coke, The Jackhammer and The Beer Run have officially arvived as “manly” cupcakes. With ingredients that include everything from bacon to beer, these cupcakes are just the oppossite of the traditional frilly and girly cupcakes sold at famous bakerys like Sprinkles. If you are feeling mancho after reading this, I dare you to order a cupcake and grab a glass of milk. Afterall, there is nothing wrong with a little mancake from For The Love of Cakes or BUTCH’S Bakery. <-- no pun intended Oh and as for the shrinkage, according to the article a female observer stated on the blog Jezebel: "Pink frosting and/or sprinkles cause testicular shrinkage. Men just can't be too careful." Unplug more of the story here.

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