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March 1, 2010 Guy Stuff

Multitasking: Women Caught Driving 70mph While Flossing Teeth

Maybe she was caught flossing her teeth while driving 70mph. Is driving 70mph illegal or just flossing and driving? Regardless, let’s just say women drivers are known for multitasking. Oh yeah, and they are know for their EXCELLENT driving skills (see photos).

When asked, the Police said it is the latest example of people risking lives for a moment of high-speed vanity. “We’ve caught women applying lipstick, make-up and checking their hair in the mirror – and even men using an electric razor on their way to work…. But this is the first time we’ve seen someone flossing their teeth at the wheel. It was a quite bizarre sight. It is particularly dangerous because you need to use both hands which clearly should be used to drive the car.” Duhh!

In case you were wondering, the women was giving a ticket and a lecture. I am sure she drove off and contined to floss.

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Women Drivers

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