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May 24, 2010 Guy Stuff

Fox’s 24 Series Finale – R.I.P.

Jack! Damn you Fox. Producers and writers did 24 justice with the season finale. HOWEVER, as a studio, Fox failed. Where was the promotion and hoopla hay surrounding the season finale? Who would argue that 24 deserved anything less?

I have known for the last month that Saving Grace has 5 more episodes left because there are constant reminders including a recurring commercial. Don’t get me wrong, I knew 24 was going off the air, but what I did not know was that they were going to combine the last two hours in one episode.

I am sure the ratings were not as high as they should have been for a show that was on the air 8 seasons. Nonetheless, let’s hope they are preparing for one hell of a 24 movie. Based on how 24 ended, there are a few plausible settings for 24 the movie. Until that time R.I.P. 24 the series.


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