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September 21, 2010 celebrity WOMENkind

AnOther Magazine: KM3D-1 with Kate Moss in 3D


The rise of 3D Magazines would not be complete until Kate Moss graced a 3D cover. Created by AnOther Magazine and artist/filmmaker Baillie Walsh, KM3D-1 stars Kate Moss, one of the most iconic female figures of the modern age.

Made with state-of-the-art Phantom cameras, specially built for the project to create extreme slow motion and a dramatic 3D effect, KM3D-1 reflects AnOther Magazine’s raison d’etre: to champion creatives pushing the limits of what seems possible. Captured at 1,000 frames per second – a speed so slow that movement is almost imperceptible – the beauty of Kate’s face appears frozen, transforming her into an impenetrable deity.



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