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March 30, 2011 Advice

Top 4 Signs She’s In Love With You

There is lust, there’s like, then there’s love. If you’ve ever had a problem discerning the difference between one or all three of these we are here to help. Here are some sure-fire signs that your girl is in LOVE with you!

1.     She Talks About The Future

A woman that sees you in her future plans, is most likely in love with you. When she talks about traveling, having kids one day, buying a house, her career does she mention you?  Does she talk in “we” and “our”? That woman loves you.

2. She Wants To Meet The Fockers (your parents)

A woman that wants to meet your parents essentially wants to see where you come from. She is watching your interactions and family dynamic, sizing it up to see how she would fit in. If a woman cares enough to meet your parents, she’s most likely in love with you.

3. She Sacrifices For You

A woman’s rituals, “me time” and girl time is very important to her. If you notice that she rearranges her usually important plans to make time for you, she is probably in love with.

4.  Nurses You Back to Health

A woman that wants to take care of you definitely loves you… especially if she has to put up with the dreaded “man cold”. Lord knows, that when you’re body is aching, you’re sneezing and you can’t reach the remote, you are a miserable mess of a man, incapable of doing a single thing for himself. If she swoops in to take care of you, she is most likely in love with you!


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