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October 1, 2010 Advice

4 Random Facts On The Differences Between Men And Women


We could go on and on about how different men and women are. There are emotional, biological and social differences. Let’s not even get started on the differences in our spending habits. We’ll leave that for next time, but for now, check out these 4 facts about the differences between man and womankind. Cheers!

Dirty Hands

A recent USA Today observational study showed that 85% of adults wash their hands in public restrooms… which is a lot less than the 96% who say they do. Why lie? But the clincher is that men do a worse job at cleaning up than women. Only 77% of men washed their hands in public restrooms compared to 93% of women.

Longer Sex Life?

Men have 5 on it! At age 30, men will be sexually active for another 35 years, while women will be active for another 30, according to Stacy Tessler Lindau, MD, and Natalia Gavrilova, PhD, of the University of Chicago.

Body Talk

Biologically speaking, women are more prone to having higher body fat than men. Body fat content is 25% for women at normal size compared to 15% for men. All other things being equal, such as age and exercise levels, women require fewer calories per pound of body weight daily than do men.

What a Mouth!

According to a Playboy study, women do more dirty talking during sex than men do. Is it because men are asking their partners for it? Maybe. Is it because chicks know, they have to up the “dirty ante” with a little kinky talk to get their guys going? Most likely.


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