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October 27, 2010 Advice

Made Man Answers The Question – What Makes Men Attractive To Women?


Made Man interviewed University of Texas professor of clinical psychology Dr. Cindy M. Meston, author of Why Women Have Sex, to find out what really attracts women to men. Turns out there are hundreds of reasons why women are attracted to men. Made Man took the list she gave them and narrowed it down to nine essential factors, and then researched each one (footnotes below).  As women who write about “guy stuff” from a “girl’s view,” we thought they did a great job with their infographic and wanted to share it with you.



Unplugged via Made Man


3 Responses to Made Man Answers The Question – What Makes Men Attractive To Women?

  1. Yvonne Rice says:

    Fabulous article! Just Retweeted and Facebooked it. I think it gives a great insight for both Men and Women!

    Smiles to you,


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