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February 8, 2011 sports

12 Super Bowl Commercials That Were Worth Remembering and Forgetting

The commercials this year were definitely NOT all that! In fact most of the commercials were forgettable to say the least. We picked 12 random commercials that aired during Super Bowl XLV and shared our opinion on whether the commercial left a lasting effect or if it was not worth another thought.

Chatter.com – Halftime Ad 2

REMEMBERED: It was genius that they played this commercial right before the Black Eyed Peas half-time performance. Too bad their performance (aside from Will.i.am) was forgettable.

SKECHERS – Kim Kardashian’s

FORGETTABLE: I think the public is over Kim; however, we aren’t mad that she did what she does best in this commercial.

Captain America

REMEMBERED: Childhood memories played a factor in our perception of this commercial.

Stella Artois – Crying Jean

REMEMBERED: Partly because it was dumb, but mainly because Twitter was buzzing with “Is that Adrian Brody” questions.

Doritos – Pug Attack

FORGETTABLE: Yes, we know this was voted one of the best commercials of Super Bowl XLV. However, we didn’t think a dog jumping on a man was all that special.

NFL Best Fans Ever

REMEMBERED: This was one of the top spots! It brought back memories of all your favorite TV programs.

NICKERS – “Logging” (Roseanne Barr)

FORGETTABLE: Good try with Roseanne, but unlike Betty White’s career we want to forget Roseanne altogether. Luckily she didn’t sing the national anthem.

GoDaddy.com – Joan Rivers

REMEMBERED: One of our favorite commercials mainly because our Tam-Star guessed the day before that the surprise was Joan Rivers. Yes, believe it! One Youtube.com said “I threw up in my mouth.” Our answer, get over it. Go Daddy did the unexpected! Genius!

CarMax – Kid In A Candy Store

FORGETTABLE: This was a case of WTF! Definitely not something we want to remember.

Verizon Test Man with iPhone

REMEMBERED: We want to forget! We are reminded of this phrase almost every single days of our cell phone life! Can this call commercial drop now!

Bud Light – Hack Job

REMEMBERED: It was so simple, how could anyone not remember this commercial? A girl with big eyes, a silly husband, and a bucket of bud. Yeah right!

Lipton Brisk – Eminem

REMEMBERED: We remembered this commercial because we walked away feeling empty and even asking the question what was the purpose.

Honorable Mention:
Pepsi Max – Love Hurts

HATED IT for many obvious reasons!


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