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Cost Of Cheating

July 21, 2014 Advice

Cheating Isn’t Cheap: Secret Cell Phones, Airline Tickets, Hotel Rooms, And Expensive Jewelry

Cost Of Cheating

No one wants to be the side girl, but some women are willing to accept that role at the expense of your wallet. If you are that guy who wants his cake and ice cream, marital infidelity will cost you big time. Being somebody else’s guy isn’t hard, but if you are considering having a forbidden love affair you may want to think before you cheat.

According to a recent survey conducted by a U.K. retail company researching American spending habits, the average affair lasts six months and costs $444 a month, or $2,664 in total. The survey broke down the expenses incurred in a typical fling, such as hotel bills ($123), dinner and drink tabs ($162), gifts ($54), and date activities (movie tickets, $69, and “other,” $36.). Experts (including us) believe that the cost of having an affair is actually much higher. After all, what respectable side girl will stay in a hotel that only charges $123 a night and accept gifts valued at $54? All jokes aside, most girls in this role will want everything that your wife or girlfriend has if not more and this will cost you.

The cost of covering up your dirty dog ways will be a huge factor in calculating the price of your cheating. Secret credit cards, secret cell phones, airline tickets, lavish dinners, expensive jewelry, fancy hotels, and exotic trips. It’s not unheard of for the side girl to want an diamond ring or expensive jewelry comparable to your wife’s or fiance’s ring.

Can you afford to play this game? If not, don’t fall for the fantasy and walk away now. If you are willing to risk your current relationship for the pleasures of keeping company with another girl, please keep in mind that it will cost you. It can cost you your wife, your girlfriend, and of course your hard earned money. The highest cost of all will be the emotional price to keep up with the facade. Cheating is easy, but ask yourself, is it worth these incalculable costs?


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