4 Tips For Getting Back With Your Ex

Top 4 Tips For Getting Back With An Ex

Friends With Benefits

5 Tips To Make A “Friends With Benefits” Relationship...

July 21, 2011 Advice

What She’s Really Thinking On Your First Date

It’s hard to get inside a woman’s head, period. So on that crucial first date, when you’re bumping your gums about your life and work and friends, what is going through her mind? Wanna’ know – here you go!

1. Does He Always Talk This Much?

You thought you were the only ones that didn’t like mindless chatter? Chicks have a threshold too! In fact, dominating the conversation all night long is a sign of a narcissistic guy. It can’t be all about you- so ask her about herself and get to know her. If you’re a nervous talker, you might have to practice by taking a breath, slowing down and listening.

2. Is He Ambitious?

Talking about how you like to kick back with the boys and exploring your hobbies is great. But take a moment to let her know you have ambitions in life. Women like a guy who has goals, no matter what field they’re in.

3. Is He A Mama’s Boy?

Women like a man who loves his mother. Women are freaked out by guys that: “Don’t like restaurants, because mom’s cooking is better.” “Talk to mom 3 times a day.” You get the point.

4. Can I Take Him Home To My Family?

True, it’s only the first date. Women however, are sizing you up from the moment they meet you to see how much of a potential mate you could be. If she decides you’re only good for having fun, so be it! Just know that on your first date, she’ll be sizing you up to see if you’re good enough to meet the Fockers.

5. Is He Going To Make A Move Tonight?

Depending on what type of girl she is, she might be down if you try to make a move on her. Whether you actually do or not, it’s definitely on her mind!


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