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6 Things You Should Know About First Dates

6 Things You Should Know About First Dates

February 14, 2013 Advice

5 Manly Things You Should Do For Valentine’s Day

5 Manly Things To Do Valentine's Day

There is a reason Valentine’s Day is known as the world’s most hated holiday. Whether you are single or dating, Valentine’s Day really sucks! For single woman it can be the unhappiest day of the year and for men (single or dating) it’s a day when most of you feel really pressured into doing something you can care less about.

What you decide to do on Valentine’s Day is up to you, but we hope instead of feeling blue you see red by going out and doing something that makes you happy. Take our advice and try these five things to do on Valentine’s Day.

Hit the strip club or Hooters. Make it a date night or hang out with your boys; whatever you do just get up and go out. Valentine’s Day may seem to be for women, but so what. If you are single trust me, there will be plenty of single girls out. If you are on the prowl you never know, you just may come up and score.

Nothing says you are THE MAN like taking care of that special lady in your life. Whether it’s your girl or your mom, let her know you care about her. Make her feel special and feel good about yourself knowing you brought a smile to her face.

Buy a 6 pack of beer or that Cartier watch you have been eying. Typically, Valentine’s Day is spent pleasing someone else, but why not please yourself? Even if you have a special lady, Valentine’s Day does not mean you shouldn’t take a moment to treat yourself.

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Flexing in the gym strokes your ego especially if there are girls watching. The gym can also serve as a stress reliever especially if for some reason you are bumped out about not having a special girl in your life to spend the Valentine’s Day with. The gym is a great place to meet new girls who have at least one similar interest, so get out and go flex.

Clean out the man cave or finish that home improvement project you started last year. When all else fails, why not take the time to get some of those things done on your never-ending to-do list. Holidays (not that Valentine’s Day is a real holiday) are the perfect time to catch up on tasks that have been lingering around for ever. Not only will working keep you busy, but it will keep your mind off of what you don’t have, a Valentine’s Day date.


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