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Friends With Benefits

July 22, 2011 Advice

5 Tips To Make A “Friends With Benefits” Relationship Work

Friends With Benefits

Every man is in a “Friends With Benefits” relationship if he chooses to have sex with a girl and does not claim her as his girlfriend. Whether it’s casual sex with someone on various occasions or hooking up with a girl friend after a night of drinking, at some point there are strings attached.

The relationship may have started out as friends, but whenever sex is involved there will definitely be a level of emotional and physical attachment from the female involved. After all, what female do you know that isn’t emotional?

If you want to make sure the sex is mutual physical pleasure and nothing else, here are a few tips that should ensure your Friends with Benefits arrangement stays on a gratifying path.

1. Always Take Separate Cars
Yes you are friends, but keep in mind she is not your girlfriend. Riding together whether it’s to a designated “hook-up spot” or just to grab a bite to eat can send out the wrong message. The more time spent together doing “girlfriend/boyfriend” type activities the more mixed signals you send. Avoid adding too much of a personal aspect to your relationship.

2. No Vacations
This is obvious. She is not your girlfriend, so do not treat her as such. Many women give their relationship the official boyfriend tag when they take their first trip with that special guy. You are in the relationship for the benefits and not for the status, so do yourself a favor and keep your travels to a minimum. A trip to a bar or even a restaurant is okay. A trip to Mexico spells disaster.

3. Do Not Spend The Night
You two have had an incredible night together. Why ruin it by staying the night and cuddling? Cuddling is one of the top indicators that a man is into a woman after sex. I do not advice you to treat her as if it’s a wham, bam, thank you ma situation, but beware of too much affection. If you want to make sure you stay within the boundaries of Friends With Benefits, get up and go home after sex.

4. Decline Her Invite
The biggest advantage to a Friends With Benefits relationship is that both parties go into it with the idea that it’s just sex. In fact, it’s sex without love, obligations, and minimal expectations. Therefore, don’t feel like you are obligated to do anything except hook-up. I’m not encouraging you to be an ass, but I am recommending that you don’t get sucked into hanging out unnecessarily. Going with her to family functions, weddings, or even to the movies sends out the wrong message. The more time spent together the more her feelings will evolve towards you.

5. Play Your Position
This has to be the biggest rule to any relationship, but definitely for a Friends With Benefits situation. Think of your favorite sport. Let’s say basketball. If the point guard is playing the center position, he is bound to get dunked on. Understand where you stand in the relationship and what your part is. You are friends, but it’s just sex. Act accordingly!


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