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Female Habits Explained

August 13, 2012 Advice

7 Female Habits That Dudes Don’t Get: EXPLAINED!

Female Habits Explained

Sometimes the things women do and their habits are just unexplainable. From the multiple changes of clothes per day to those big gigantic purses that they carry, we will try and explain to you why females do the things they do.

1. What’s with foot lotion? Is the stuff women put on their hands and face not good enough for their feet?

Correction. The stuff we put on our face and hands is TOO good for our feet. Face creams tend to have special anti-aging ingredients that price them at a premium. Feet don’t really need anti-aging, so drugstore lotion will do just fine. Hey, don’t be mad at how many lotions and potions we have, be happy we don’t have crusty feet!

2. What’s with the clutch?

Women like to carry a smaller bag at night that won’t overpower our sexy outfits: enter the clutch. It’s small and carries the essentials: keys, lip gloss, ID. Think of it as the efficient purse.

3. Leggings

We know that to you leggings are nothing more than tights that are cut-off at the ankle and make no sense. To be honest, leggings worn under skirts or dresses are gross to us too. BUT leggings, when worn correctly are comfortable and sexy on the right body.

4. Huge Accessories.

Women like a “statement piece,” something to add a little punch to an outfit. It doesn’t always have to be huge, but sometimes it is. Chalk it up as a fashion thing that women do to impress each other.

5. Oversized Purses

What’s the problem? You don’t like the clutch, but you also don’t like big handbags? Maybe you just don’t understand them. Worn mostly during the day, a big handbag is the opposite of the clutch, because we can pack for an entire day with. We can even pack stuff for the morning after, *wink.

6. Changing Outfits

I know you think we look good in any outfit, but most women like to dress for the occasion. What we wear to the bar is NOT what we wear to meet your parents.

7. Bitchy Best Friends

It’s a little convoluted but some women have friends that they go back and forth with. One day they’re buddies and the next, not so much. Just know that women have the ability to disagree with a friend one day and sort it out the next. We are nice like that!


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