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December 4, 2013 Grooming

Badrick’s Mug Scrub

Badricks Mug Scrub Beard

Every man needs his mug scrubbed, right? The best way for any man to prepare his face for a great shave is to use an exfoliating face scrub. Daniel Badrick invented a “mug scrub” to give guys smoother skin, solving problems like clogged pores, imbedded facial hair and dry, flaky skin – a common complaint these cold winter months.

Badrick’s Mug Scrub claims to rise above other scrubs by bringing it to you “Daniel Badrick style”. He fuses together a feminine vanilla fragrance with a hint of Tobacco for a more masculine scent. As a light exfoliating powder, this mug scrub includes Walnut Shell Powder and Argan Oil, a rare oil grown in Southwestern Morocco. Mug scrub not only moisturizes against acne and flaking skin but also helps remove dead skin gently without scratching. So what are you waiting for – go out and scrub that mug! Available via www.badricks.com. RETAIL $14.95.


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