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December 17, 2013 Guy Stuff

12 Days of Baddass Presents: Cameron’s Stovetop Smoker

If you haven’t thought about buying Christmas gifts yet, there is nothing like a ’12 Days of Christmas’ gift guide to send you into panic mode. Consider this a friendly reminder Christmas is near. Whether you are going to give a gift or treat yourself, here is another sweet idea that will turn you into one badass Santa.

The Original Stovetop Smoker – RETAIL $54.95

Cameron Stovetop Smoker

Help someone channel their “Inner Chef” by delivering the gift of smoke-cooking. Upgrading a kitchen with high-end appliances may not be your idea Christmas gift, but it should be one that you consider. If you or someone you know loves to smoke meat, fish, or vegetables and doesn’t have the patience or space to do so, this stovetop smoker is an idea gift.

VIDEO: Camerons Stovetop Smoker

Surely there is someone out there who enjoys tasty healthy meals and drool-worthy meat.

  • Cameron Stovetop Smoker
    Cameron Stovetop Smoker 5
  • Cameron Stovetop Smoker
    Cameron Stovetop Smoker 2
  • Cameron Stovetop Smoker
    Cameron Stovetop Smoker 1
  • Cameron Stovetop Smoker
    Cameron Stovetop Smoker 4


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