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Summer Wear Tips Menswear

July 27, 2015 style

5 Summer Wear Tips For Guys

The warmer weather of the summer is no excuse to lose your edge on fashion. It is important to feel cool, be comfortable, and still look good while impressing the ladies. No one wants to be hot and uncomfortable this summer. Summer nights can be brutal. More importantly, not scoring with the chicks can be a blow to your ego. A summer fling may not mean a thing (we love the movie Grease), but looking like a dirty backpacker surely won’t help you feel cool either. Here are five tips for clothing items that all men should have in their summer wardrobe if for nothing else than to impress the ladies.

Pick The Right Shorts
The main part of anyone’s summer wardrobe is shorts. You can’t get through summer without them. When days are too hot for pants you want something to wear that allows you to stay cool, but you still want to look cool, too.

Look for a good fitted short for comfort and style. If you want something that looks good, feels good, and gives you summer style, a nice flat front short has exactly what you are looking for.

The Summer Shoe
Never, never, NEVER wear sandals with socks. That look is absolutely horrible and you guys really need to heed this PSA. You may think it’s comfortable, but people are laughing at you behind your back.

The boat shoe is a great comfortable and casual option for summer footwear and they look good with shorts and pants. It doesn’t even matter what material your pants are made of, these shoes add comfort and style. If all else fails, wear flip flops. After all, it’s summer. When in doubt, a nice pair of luxury sneakers (think Maison Marglela, Hogan, Giuseppe not Nike) will also do the trick just nicely.

A Pair of Cool Shades
Sunglasses are sometimes an overlooked part of the summer wardrobe. Sunglasses do a lot more than protect your eyes. These tinted eye protectors are important, but they also add a cool factor to the guy rocking the right pair.

Aviator sunglasses are always in style and this year even more designers are producing various styles. If you have a tendency to lose or break your sunglasses buy a few pair of cheaper (not too cheap) ones. Make sure they have UV protection.

The Perfect Polo Shirt
Surf polo shirts are always a great option for summer shirts. They fit loosely and, if you opt for cotton or another natural fabric, you’ll find them comfortable and even cooling. They come in many colors and styles, making them a great fit for any guy.

Many men would prefer to wear t-shirts all summer long, but the polo shirt gives you more style. Polo is the new t-shirt.

Adding Some Accessories
Last, but not least, add some accessories to your summer wardrobe like a nice wallet, chains/necklaces, stylish sunglasses, watches, a cool hat, or man bag. You have your sunglasses because they are important for your cool factor, but what else can you add to make sure you are in style and looking good? How about a cool timepiece.

A simple affordable watch can give you that ready for the beach look you want. Find a nice watch that is also water proof and has all the bells and whistles. You may also want to invest in a Basis’ Peak watch if you are the sporty type, to help track your steps and more. We also recommend a Meister watch. Meister watches are an affordable accessory that can make you look like a million bucks.

We hope you enjoy this summer more by having the right wardrobe, one that keeps you comfortable and confident. Don’t forget your sunscreen!


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