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January 13, 2014 offbeat

Mountain Dew Cheetos? Yeap, Only In Japan

Mountain Dew Cheetos

Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos is now a reality. The latest tasty Frito-Lay snack flavor is available for a limited release in Japan. Yes, we know you have always dreamed of this moment. Unfortunately, unless you are in Japan your taste buds will have to keep on dreaming.

We aren’t quite sure why we don’t think of this kind of stuff in American. Isn’t America the country that loves a good old double chilli cheese burger with a side of Doritos and a diet Pepsi? We live to love and mix the unconventional. One day America will reign supreme in the snack business, but at this point we may be failing our youth. One more sugary unhealthy snack option won’t kill them.

Although, Frito-Lay did debut Doritos with the green colored Mountain Dew flavor years ago, Japan got the jump on us with these fizzy Mountain Dew-flavor powdered Cheetoes. If you are dying to try them they are available via for $3.50.


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