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Panasonic Headphones Open Ear Bone Conduction

July 8, 2015 Gadgets

The New Panasonic HGS10 Headphones

Panasonic Headphones Open Ear Bone Conduction

Panasonic is taking listening to music to a new level. The revolutionary Panasonic HGS10 Open Ear Headphones are designed to enhance your music-listening experience without blocking out the ambient sounds around you. How? By altering the placement of the headphone’s speakers! The speakers don’t go in your ears; instead, they rest on the cheekbone right next to your ear, and the music is transmitted by conduction technology through the bone structure directly to your inner ear. These headphones are perfect if you enjoy listening to music at work or any other place where you need to stay alert for sounds around you. So the headphones might prove especially useful for some of you to actually hear your special girl when she’s talking and your main focus is listening to music.


The Panasonic HGS10 headphones are more stable than most headphones because they hang over your ears and hug the sides of your face at the cheekbones while connected with a thin band that loops around the back of your head. This, along with cushioning around the ears for maximum comfort, makes the open ear headphones great for workouts. They’re even waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about using them in the rain and perspiration wipes right off. Plus, the use of conduction technology means that there is no sound leakage, so you can feel free to turn the volume up even in quiet places.

The open-ear concept and conduction technology may take some getting used to, but these headphones are still convenient and easy to use. The Panasonic HGS10 headphones are compatible with all devices with a headphone port and come in multiple colors that can be ordered at www.shop.panasonic.com. You can also like Panasonic on Facebook or follow @PanasonicUSA on Twitter.


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