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Smart Forfour Car Commercial Swearing Kids 2

July 13, 2015 offbeat

Little Kids Swearing Their A** Off In Smart Car Commercial

Smart Forfour Car Commercial Swearing Kids

Holly f*cking sh*t. Son of a b*tch. What the f*ck. These are just a few of the naughty words little kids are repeating in the newest commercial for Smart Car. Kids cursing is nothing new. After all, we learned a long time ago kids will say the darnedest things. But, the way these kids are swearing their a** off and watching them in action is surreal.

VIDEO: smart forfour | Swearing Kids

There is never a reason to condone a kid swearing. It’s not cute. The premise of the commercial is to hit home the point when you drive the wrong car, you teach the wrong words. Keeping reality in focus, what smart person with a kid would drive a Smart car? For entertainment purposes we’ll give this commercial a half point. Yes, we laughed.

Smart Forfour Car Commercial

Thee real lesson to be learned is simple. Stop swearing in front of the kiddies. They are watching and repeat what you say. Kids swear too.

As one commenter wrote, It’s funny as f*ck, but so wrong.” We aren’t sure how we feel about it either. How do you feel about it? Do you find it funny or wrong on all levels?


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