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November 2, 2015 Food + Drink

10 Drinks Every Man Should Know How to Make

Sometimes it can be really easy to just reach for a beer and let that drink be your go to solution when you’re out or relaxing at home. The truth is, however, if you don’t know how to mix your own drinks, you’re missing out—and you’re failing to impress your better half. Here are 10 drinks you should learn to make to become a master of the bar.

1. Old Fashioned
Short for Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail, this beverage is sort of the grandfather of all cocktails. It’s the oldest and most simplistic, comprised of a few trusty spirits, sugary water and bitters. It’s the type of beverage your grandfather might order to reminisce about his glory days as a young man.

2. Tom Collins
Mix freshly squeezed lemons or lemon juice, soda water, syrup and some classic gin to impress your evening guests. While it’s not a cocktail served at every party, Tom Collins is the perfect cocktail to serve at any of your private events.

3. Martini
Whether you’re mixing for a laid back gathering at your place or just want to let loose on a Saturday night, Martinis should be in your repertoire of drinks to serve at any shindig you’re hosting. Serve wet or dry and garnish with lemon or olive. Either way, it will always taste like a classic Martini.

4. Mojito
A glorious product of some magical place in the Caribbean, this rum, lime and club soda beverage will liven up any social event you’re having. Don’t be stingy with the sweetness or mint and you won’t be sorry!

5. Bloody Mary
Whether you’re mixing for a morning breakfast or a midday treat, Bloody Marys are a nice way to switch it up. There are plenty of ways to make the tomato-based cocktail. There’s only one rule you must be aware of: Never mix or order one after noon. It’s unforgivable.

6. Manhattan
Your grandfather relishes in the Old Fashioned and your grandmother, of course, prefers something a little sweeter: The Sensual Manhattan. Using rye whiskey is the best way to serve your Manhattan.

7. Cosmopolitan
If you’ve ever dated someone who was dangerously addicted to Sex and the City, Cosmos were probably one of their favorite alcoholic beverages. It’s sort of a “live in the moment” type drink and you’re sure to find them at every party you attend.

8. Mint Julep
Mint Juleps are perfect for relaxing on a breezy evening on your back terrace. This chilled beverage is the ideal cocktail for any summer or fall social.

9. Margarita
All you’ll need to mix this is some tequila, a nice triple sec and a few fresh slices of lime. You can even substitute the tequila for gin, but, no matter how you mix, a Margarita will still taste like Heaven in a glass.

10. Pina Colada
This mystic drink is often served at Tiki bars and backyard luaus. It is also a great drink to make for a Saturday evening gathering with friends!

With these 10 drinks in your arsenal you are sure to impress anyone—especially the woman in your life! As an added bonus, you’ll be expanding your pallette and enjoying some pretty amazing drinks as well. If you’re looking to upgrade your bar and thinking about adding taps, check out co2gas.co.uk for your gas needs.”


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