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November 2, 2015 Advice

The Perfect Date: What Women Should You Date In Your 20s, 30s and, Yes, 40s

Much like life, dating is an ever-changing situation. As you age and change, so does your taste. Trust us, you won’t want a man bun when you’re 40. Women in your life can be the same. If you aren’t dating your soul mate, you’re going to want to date different types of women. Here’s your playbook on what women you should be on the lookout for throughout your dating life.

Girls in their 20s
The Fun Girl: YOLO, right? That’s her attitude every day. She likes to party, she likes meeting new people and she’s great in bed. But, you may not want to bring her home to meet the parents. You certainly like her outfits, but you can’t be sure mom will.

The Young Intellectual: She’s well dressed, well educated and can keep up a real conversation on politics. Being in her 20s, she likes trying new things and she’s trying to make the best of every day. She’s read plenty on health and knows exactly how to look good. But beware—she only dates other intellectuals.

The Future Homemaker: She may or may not have a degree, but she’s really looking for a serious relationship and to eventually get married and have kids. She’s an outstanding interior designer, amazing cook and excellent with crafts. And, she’s very supportive and optimistic.

Girls in their 30s
The Executive: She’s heading for high places in her career. She’s got everything mapped out and she knows exactly what she wants. She’s already done incredible things and she’s only bound to do more. But, you better be the same way or already there.

The Nurturer: She’s got a steady career, probably in education, counseling or philanthropy. She loves to help others and has an upbeat and optimistic personality.

Girls in their 40s
The Sugar Mama: She made a fortune herself, by inheritance, or by divorce and she loves to spend it on fun, relaxation, travel, drinks and massages. She dresses cute, keeps up a nice bod and loves to laugh.

The Real Mama: She may have kids, but they’re well-behaved bundles of joy. She’s been through a lot and knows how to handle every situation with class. She’s down to earth and is looking for someone who wants to do fun things and enjoy every day.

Now that you know what to expect, dating should be a lot easier. But, beware of trying to label every woman you meet. We’ve always got a few tricks you didn’t expect up our sleeves and that’s what makes the dating world so exciting.

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