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January 14, 2016 Grooming

Be a Frey Guy – Use A Man Detergent

Here’s one we’re really impressed with — Frey is a laundry detergent designed specifically for men. It’s men’s cologne-inspired, designer-label-safe and eco-friendly, so you can forget smelling like a floral garden or some mountain mist, while you still get a powerful enzymatic clean that will help preserve the feel and color of your clothes.

The scent is comprised of 12 individual fragrances, including oak, sandalwood, musk and soft, worn leather. It’s well-balanced and will leave your laundry smelling excellent with a subtle, distinct scent that won’t be mistaken for your mother’s laundry basket. Frey looks different too, so forget the neon orange and yellow; Frey’s bottle is a strong matte black with a red lid, wreaking of manliness…like it almost shouts, “Hey, guy, pick me!”

It all started when two brothers (Lief and Erin Frey) asked themselves why there wasn’t a detergent specific for men and they set out to develop a standout in the marketplace. With a year in development and a few refinements along the way to get it just right, the result is an impressive product that’s produced here in the U.S. (Baltimore) and sourced completely from the U.S. and Canada.

With features on Good Morning America, Touch of Modern, Gentleman’s Box and more coming soon, we highly recommend jumping on this one right away, we think you’ll be glad you did. Visit them at, on Facebook at FREY Detergent, or @livefrey on Twitter. Laundry is personal, so make it your own!


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