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April 18, 2016 Advice

7 Signs She Likes You

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By Rebecca Mercy

As a woman, I know that there are certain things women do when we like a man that men would probably not even pick up on. Why? Because men and women are different! It’s simple. That’s why I am writing this, to let you into the female mind. These are some signs a woman likes you, which might or might not be different from the signs a guy likes a woman.

Her body language
Does she seem to be inching closer to you when you talk? Does she put her hand on your shoulder or seem like she wants to? Does she bite her lip ever? Does she stare into your eyes? Do you notice her staring at you when she thinks you don’t notice? These are all major signs she likes you.

She Texts You A Lot
How often does she text you? If you notice her texting you for random reasons, it is a major sign she likes you. Women love to text a guy they like. It is something most men do not do. Women even end up wondering why men do not text them back. If you like her and she likes you, realize this. She is probably wondering, “why didn’t he text me back?!” So go ahead and engage with her if she is persistently texting you!

If she treats you differently
This is an extremely important one. Notice how she acts with other people and then think of how she acts toward you. Do you notice a difference? Do you get signs they’re flirting with you – and if so is she flirting with anyone else? If she’s only acting that way with you, it means she views you as someone special, which obviously points to her liking you. However, if the person you like treats you the same as everyone else, it’s a huge sign they’re not interested.

The things she says to you
Does she talk about random things that don’t really seem flirtatious but it seems like she is trying to make conversation? Does she ever try to talk to you just for the sake of talking? Does she try to continue the conversation even when there isn’t much to say? These are all major signs she likes you. Women are different than men in that women love to make small talk when they like a guy. It is as if she does not want to let go of that moment in time when you are interacting.

She dresses differently around you
Take notice of how she looks when she is around you. Is she wearing some extra make up? Has she made sure to style her hair? Does she seem more dressed up and done up than usual when she’s around you or knows she’s going to see you? If so, this is a major sign she likes you!

She doesn’t talk to you about other men
So either she talks to you about other men but does it in a way to try to make you jealous…which is tricky to distinguish from her genuinely mentioning other guys because she is interested in them… Or she does not mention other men around you at all. If she doesn’t mention men at all, it’s a good sign. It means she wants to keep things open with you.

She laughs a lot around you
Does she laugh a lot around you? Notice if she laughs a lot in general or not, though, because if she generally laughs a lot this means it’s just the way she is. But if you notice she laughs a lot more than usual with you, it’s a good sign she likes you.

So there you go. Here are some key signs a woman likes you. Have any questions? Thoughts? Opinions? Let me know!


One Response to 7 Signs She Likes You

  1. Paul says:

    Thanks Rebecca, I was actually looking for reasons why a close friend acts so different when my wife is around, but the article did give me a better picture of what’s going on. I’m HORRIBLE at picking up on clues and am kind of confused at the moment, but I guess I’ll have to sort it out.

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