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July 18, 2012 Guy Stuff

The Dark Knight Manual

Dark Knight Manual

For those of you who are huge fans of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films and the Batman mythology, there is an awesome book, The Dark Knight Manual: Tools, Weapons, Vehicles and Documents from the Batcave, that takes a closer look at all of the technology and gadgets within the films. The Dark Knight Manual appears to be the ultimate guide for Batman fans offering a fun-filled collection of stickers, inserts, joker cards, hidden surprises, photos, diagrams and more.

A list of removable inserts include:
– The Cave blueprints
– Bat Signal Stickers/Decals
– The Bat (flying vehicle) blueprints
– Gotham Police Dept. stickers
– Harvey Dent campaign stickers
– 8 Joker cards
– Map of Gotham City
– Hidden disc with 14 high-res images

The Dark Knight Manual

The manual is available via Retail $22

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