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December 10, 2016 Grooming, sponsored post

Sponsored Post: Alford & Hoff Signature Scent – Cologne for the Man’s Man

Alford Hoff Signature Scent

Scent and memory share a close connection. At least, that’s what science tells us. Thankfully, Alford & Hoff Signature Fragrance is the perfect gift that provides just the right masculine scent that is sure to leave lasting memories.

Alford Hoff Signature Scent

The Scent

The fragrance is not for just any man. Instead, it is for those who possess charm, confidence, and passion, all of which the fragrance embodies with its masculine topnotes, midnotes, and drydown. When it comes to choosing a cologne, real men don’t choose Alford & Hoff because of what it smells like. Instead, they choose it because the cologne smells like them, like a man.

It is a scent that attracts and makes a man stand out from the crowd. Why be a generic backup left standing faceless in the crowd when you can be the most prominent star in the room? The blend of citrus, herbs, sweet rum, molten amber, weathered leather, and suede both attracts and appeals.

In truth, men often find it hard to pick the right cologne. That is because you don’t want to find something that appeals to your senses, but rather something that will appeal to a woman’s. Fortunately, Alford & Hoff Signature scent does just that.

VIDEO:Christmas Gifts: Alford & Hoff Signature Fragrance Cologne For Men

The fragrance serves as a great gift giving selection for today’s modern man. Men who maintain a sense of humor and aspiration will appreciate the scent. It is also an outstanding option for men who can appreciate quality items without the need for fancy labels as a means of defining their success in life.

Alford Hoff Signature Scent

The Product

The 3.4-ounce bottle might seem a touch on the small side, but with a scent that lasts for up to 8 hours, a little goes a long way. As if purchasing a cologne belonging to a man’s man is not enough, you will also receive a special gift with your purchase valued at $29.00. The gift, an elegantly styled Alford & Hoff Dopp Kit offers a printed motif that is perfect for travel purposes.

Bring your manly scent on the go with the stylish kit to ensure that you are never without the scent that commands attention. Don’t be afraid to make all the other guys jealous every time you step into the room as all eyes fall on you, attracted by the scent of what a man should smell like.

With Alford & Hoff Signature Fragrance, you can’t go wrong, and your lady is sure to agree as she sidles on up to your side to soak in the smell of your masculinity. Alford & Hoff is available in store at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor and AAFES Military Exchanges, visit Alford & Hoff official website to learn more and purchase online now.

Alford Hoff Signature Scent


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