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California Family Poker Room

March 17, 2017 Guy Stuff

Man Cave Inspiration: 5 Stylish Poker Rooms

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Why not have a go at creating your very own poker room or area in your garage, loft or man cave.


When you think of a poker room, you most likely think of the bright lights of Las Vegas where casinos often host multiple tables surrounded by crowds of people. Or perhaps you’re more accustomed to the online poker rooms you access from your couch or those in your neighbor’s man cave. What if you could take the best bits of both stereotypes and create your own poker haven? Creating the right ambience in a home setting to host a poker evening can be challenging. To help you feel inspired while transforming your gaming room take a look at these five stylish poker rooms that very well may rival the best venues in the world.

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1. The Gentlemen’s Poker Room

This traditional hunting lodge style poker room in Texas sets the perfect tone for an intense poker game. The brown leather chairs positioned around the table give an impression of luxury and sophistication while the tartan patterned carpet and armchairs provide a sense of comfort. The focus is of course on the round polished poker table in the middle but items such as the portrait and detailed wallpaper are interesting choices and match the ambience of the room.

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2. The Super Bowl Winners Poker Room

Pineapple HouseInterior Design conceived this room for a 5-time Superbowl winner. The wood paneling around the inner walls of the room give an air of sophistication while abstract paintings and decorative animal skulls featured on top of the fireplace are what make this room unique. The use of uplighting ensures the poker table is kept slightly shadowed, creating the perfect atmosphere for a poker game. The room offers a great mixture of traditional features paired with contemporary touches like the abstract artwork.

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3. The Open Plan Poker Room

Most people don’t have enough space to dedicate a whole room to poker – unless you’re a professional of course! So this open plan style poker room is a great option for anyone looking to dedicate an area to a table as opposed to a whole room. What’s great about this space, is that the poker table is very much part of the furniture. The open plan living space has been cleverly split into two sections, separated by contrasting black pillars and using spotlights to draw the eye to individual areas.

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4. The Relaxed Poker Room

For anyone who’s used to playing poker online from the comfort of their home, rather than a casino, this homely poker room is definitely one to take notes from. This room uses a lot of textures from the exposed brickwork and wood paneling, and the attention-grabbing four television screens, keeping you updated with the latest scores from wherever you are. If you’re looking to create a similar relaxed environment, make sure you have plenty of home comforts such as snacks, a sound system and television. Poker novices might also want to print and display the hand rankings somewhere in the room until you and your pals learn the ropes.

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5. The Poker Room with a Bar

This bright and fresh LA based poker room ticks all the boxes for style and color coordination. The iconic red and black color scheme sit together nicely while the blue and white curtains teamed with the white chairs around the poker table are what gives this room its spacious and cool vibe. The best feature here is undoubtedly the private bar, which is made from a thin worktop paired with red leather bar stools – the perfect accompaniment to a poker game. Creating your own home bar is the perfect DIY project, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Just take a look at these DIY bar projects.

If you’re feeling inspired by these five stylish poker rooms, why not have a go at creating your very own poker room or area in your garage, loft or man cave.


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