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July 5, 2018 sponsored post

Sponsored Post: Not All Insurance is Created Equal

Insurance is one of those living expenses that you might wish you didn’t have to pay. You get a monthly bill, and when you never file a claim or contact your insurer, it can feel as though you are paying for nothing. Whether you insure a car, home or both, though, the price you pay for a policy is far less than the price of potential liability. Not all insurance is created equal, though, and some policies are certainly better for your needs than others. There are a few features every policy should have, though, including these four.

When you are on the hunt for a new policy or a new insurance provider, consider these features and double-check to make sure that the coverage you are looking at includes these features. No matter what kind of policy you are shopping for, these four features should be a major component.

A Team for Support

When you buy into a policy, you might do so directly through an agent, or you may do so online and be assigned an agent later. While you will typically have a single point of contact for your policy needs, you should also look to ensure that they are backed up by a team of professionals who can provide care and recourse whenever you have questions or issues about your policy. If there is a solid customer service team in place, your policy is on the right track, and you can be confident in the support you will receive.

An Accessible Claims Process

Nobody wants to go through the process of filing a claim with their own insurer and pursuing a payout. This will typically cause your rates to inflate, and it is a highly stressful situation. Still, you have insurance for circumstances such as these, so it is important that you find a policy that is backed by an accessible claims process. How does your insurer accept a claim? Only via phone? Online or from an app? If the answer is the latter, you might be looking at a policy that suits you better.

Coverage That Counts

At the end of the day, the insurance you choose has no value if it does not include the coverage you need for your unique situation. Whether you are looking for car insurance for your whole family or a policy to protect your home, you should be sure that the option you select includes coverage for all of your specific needs. If you need coverage that includes special accommodations, do not settle for a policy that does not offer the care you need. Keep searching until you find an insurer who can offer the right insurance.

Discounts You Deserve

Money matters and all of the aforementioned qualities are irrelevant if they are included in a policy that you simply cannot afford. If you find great coverage, regardless of the price, inquire to see whether there are any discounts available that you might be eligible for. If you are in school and get good grades—or if you are ensuring a teen who does—this might qualify you for a discount. If you are a member of a professional organization or fraternity or sorority, this, too, may make you eligible for a lower rate on your policy.

The insurer you choose is an important decision. You need a partner that will help you when things go wrong and do right by you in the meantime. Consider these features the next time you are on the hunt for a policy and remember that you should never settle when it comes to finding the insurance that is right for you and your needs.


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