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July 10, 2019 Advice

7 Essential Tips for Hosting Guys’ Night In

Bar hopping and playing sports are always fun, but sometimes you need a good guys’ night in. Why not host a guys’ night at your place and get all the fellows together? There’s nothing better than getting your closest friends together and chillin’. With the right amount of food and fun, you might end up having a better time staying in than at your usual bar. Invite the guys over to watch a big game or chill in the backyard and grill up some meat. Whatever you do, follow these tips to make sure the guys are talking about your big night in for weeks. 

Tips for The Ultimate Guys’ Night

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Supply Plenty of Food

A guys’ night in wouldn’t be complete with a big spread of food, but cooking for a group can be tough and time-consuming. Try pulling together some classic dinner party recipes like lasagna or chili and be sure to set out simple sides. Sometimes, the dips and the side dishes end up being the best part of the meal. To keep your guests happy, start the night off with a buffalo chicken dip or chips, salsa and guacamole. If you’re planning to have guests for several hours, you can set aside some appetizers for a late-night snack and then bring out the main meal. Wings are always a big hit food-wise if you’re hosting during a big sporting event. For bigger groups, save yourself the trouble of a big clean-up later by using disposable serving trays, utensils and paper goods. 

Host Guys’ Night During a Big Game

There’s no better reason to get the guys together than a big sporting event. If you’re the one with the best (and biggest) TV, chances are you will be the one hosting for the night. Before the guys head over, consider rearranging the living room to offer more room to seat guests with an optimal view of the TV. Bring in extra chairs if you’re planning on a big group, set up a table with your food to make it easy for people to snag some snacks and head back to the game. You can set up multiple viewing areas, like a high-top table and a couch spot to give people a chance to mingle and dig into the food while they watch. 

Keep the Size of the Guest List Moderate

Guys’ night in is a chance for friends to get together in a casual setting and bro out. If you invite too many people to your night in, you risk your small gathering turning into a big party. Sure, hosting a party now and then is fun, but if it’s not the vibe you’re going for, keep your guest list in check. Invite your close friends but clarify that this night is all about the guys.

Pick a Theme or Offer Some Type of Entertainment

Hanging with the guys can be great but having some entertainment can help create an ambiance and keep everyone engaged. There are dozens of ways to do this–from watching a game to playing games. Think about what you like to do with your friends and pull inspiration from that. Big fan of barbecue? Invite the guys over for a grill night. Into craft beers? Host a tasting where everyone can bring a different one to sample. No matter what you do, you’ll have a good time. 

Ideas for a Guys’ Night In


Beer & Cigars

No guys gathering is complete without beer and cigars. As the host, consider providing most of the food, but it’s okay to ask the guys to bring their favorite craft beer and cigars. If you’re a vaper, chances are you have friends who vape, too. Wear your vape and ask your guests to bring theirs–with some extra tanks and e-liquid–to organize a vape swap. If you’re a fan of independent breweries, this is a great way to discover new beers you’ve never heard of. One great idea for a craft beer swap is to ask every guest to bring a beer that’s brewed in their home state. You can also ask guests to bring their favorite flavored stick. Cigars infused with chocolate, mocha, or coffee are just a few options. From craft beer and infused cigars to flavored vape, your guests will get a little taste of everything–and who knows, maybe you’ll discover something new. 

Grill Out and Chill Out

Summer nights are perfect for an evening of grilling. Nothing brings a group of guys together like some barbecue and beers. If you will host a grill night, try to offer your guests a variety of food options—hot dogs, burgers, steak or chicken. Kabobs are always a hit at backyard barbecues, and it’s the perfect grilling item to add different meats and veggies. But, if you will have a grill night, you can’t forget the beers. It’s easy to underestimate how much you’ll need, so grab an extra case to save for later, once you’ve finished the food and it’s time to just kick back and chill. 


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