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Mens Grooming Checklist

November 4, 2019 Advice

The Basics: Men’s Grooming Checklist

Mens Grooming Checklist 
It’s common for women to take longer than men to get dressed. Contrary to this, men take little time to prepare since all they believe they need to do is take a quick shower, brush their teeth, comb their hair, and apply any available lotion in the house. Some men believe that as long as they moisturize their face with some lotion, the rest of the body is invisible to the world! What a poor way of thinking!
Gone are the days when grooming was only for women. Nowadays, men should realize that being well-groomed is important and should be a crucial aspect of their everyday life. Step up your game and develop good personal hygiene habits. Go the extra mile by purchasing some top products you need to stay properly groomed. Your body requires ample care, and you need to look good for your satisfaction (and hers).

Shower gel

It is time for men to take their showering experience to a whole new level. The era of bathing soaps is almost ending. Bathing soap made you feel clean and fresh but truth is, it will never give you that luxurious feeling that comes after using a shower gel. If you welcome ditching that bathing soap in your bathroom, shower gels come in a variety of colors, smells, quantity, and prices. They manufacture shower gels to fight roguish microbes on your body. 

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Way back, people would grow their beards and moustache to undesired sizes. This is because they had no time to get to the store or even the knowledge on how to trim them. However, with trimmers, you can keep the length and the rest of the body in check. Get yourself a quality, sturdy trimmer to keep those hairy areas under control. Ensure you complement it with the best shaving brushes to transform your shave after the trimming. 

Face wash

Who’s guilty of subjecting their face to bar soaps? Soaps are harsh on your face since they were not initially manufactured for that purpose. It’s time for you to realize that your face is precious and should be protected since it is the most sensitive part of your body. How else would you explain the fact that you get breakages on your face and not your thighs the first time you use harsh body lotion? For this reason, you should use more sensitive products to clean your face such as a face wash compatible with your skin type.


Females are attracted to men because of their body scent. We appreciate the fact that men in their twenties have already discovered their body scents. We cannot ignore the fact that some of these body scents are not as inviting since they are mixed up with perspiration. Don’t be that guy with smelly armpits masked under cologne. Find a good deodorant that compliments your body’s natural scent.

Lip balm

Just imagine losing out on a once in a lifetime kiss from your crush simply because she pulled away from your chapped lips. This is not only embarrassing but also a lost opportunity. Fortunately, you can avoid this scenario by carrying a quality lip balm in your pockets at all times. Your lips are always in need of hydration, and lip balms are the way to go


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