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August 31, 2011 advice

11 Things That Make a Man Undateable


We’ve compiled a list of the top 11 things women say make a guy un-date worthy. We went with 11 because 10 just wasn’t enough. Check it out and see how you stack up!

1. He has a “type” that he sticks to, no matter how unrealistic it is.

2. He can’t kiss.

3. He is more afraid of spiders than I am…

4. His mustache is shaped like an old time magician or warlock.

5. His nails are longer than mine.

6. If he pronounces the “L” in “Salmon.” NO deal!

7. He only has female friends.

8. He is very homophobic-makes you wonder, why?

9. He needs more time to than I do to get ready in the morning.

10. He doesn’t know the difference between a dress and a skirt… that’s a lot of guys.

11. He wears socks with sandals.


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