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January 7, 2016 Food + Drink

Oh, Canada, Oh Canada! Oh CIRKA Vodka and Gin!

Doesn’t a great vodka or gin just make you want to sing? When it hails from our friends up North, we thought this bit of chorus appropriate. Cirka is a unique microdistillery in Montréal, Québec that firmly adheres to producing unique spirits of uncompromising quality. Though not yet available (as of posting today), the anticipation is high, so we wanted to let you know about them so you, too, can keep an eye out for these much anticipated spirits.

Their ingredients — high quality grains, pristine water and exclusive aromatic botanicals — are part of their products that are inspired by the creativity, diversity and the famous “epicuriosity” of the region. The details truly matter — the grains are non-GMO, the botanicals are fresh and the water is pure.

Cirka Vodka Terroir

Cirka Vodka
The distillers note describe the vodka as “a delicate sweet aroma with caramel on the palette and a hint of lingering licorice.” It’s made of 100% Québec grown corn, is 40% alcohol by volume, has a nose with a hint of sweetness and a clean, refined, smooth taste. They distill it in a 24-foot vodka column, which increases purity without stripping essential flavors. The resulting product stands on its own, to enjoy neat or in cocktails.

Cirka Gin Sauvage

Cirka Gin
The gin is an expression of the wild fragrant botanicals found in Québec’s Boréal forest, which rings the Northern Hemisphere and is dominated by spruces, pines, wetlands and bogs. It enhances that image of a cool, crisp glass of gin, doesn’t it? Starting with their spirit base, they distill in a customized pot still with a specialized botanical basket that allows the warm vapors to infuse the delicate oils into gin…ideal for enjoying neat or in cocktails. It too is made with 100% Québec grown corn and is 44% alcohol by volume.

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Cirka Vodka Gin

Find more details plus information on where you’ll be able to taste and purchase these uncompromising craft spirits sometime soon at And maybe it’s a girl thing, but not necessarily, the bottles and labels are aesthetically pleasing and thoughtfully designed as well. The bottle resembles the glass carboys (jugs) we’ve seen in moonshiner’s pictures for years (very chic), and the simple, contemporary feel of the label with a Caribou and his clever barrel body is perfect. They’ll look good on your shelf, as well as deliver an uncompromising spirit. Oui Oui!

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