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July 26, 2011 Advice

5 Things Guys Do On Facebook That Girls Hate

You have your list and we have ours. Some of this may not come as a surprise to you, but take a gander anyhow!


#5 Self-Portrait Insanity

Having an album dedicated to pictures you’ve taken of yourself, by yourself, makes it seem like you either have no friends or are totally self-obsessed. Neither option is good. It’s one thing to have a couple pictures of yourself on FB, but if you have more than 5 self-portrait style pictures it’s officially become weird.


#4  Women-Bashing Posts

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been cheated on or burned one too many times – keep the woman hating to your self. It’s a total drag to read status updates that are bitter, angry and sad.


#3  Juice Head Posing

We can tell that you’re fit without you flexing for the camera. Just be normal in your pictures, we don’t need an invitation to the gun show!


#2  Flaunting Success

Women like a man who’s successful, but most women don’t like a show off. If your status updates are constantly about the next meeting you’re going to, followed by the power players you’re drinking with, followed by the exclusive, blah, blah blah… We’re tired just typing it.


#1  Stalker-Gawker

This goes without saying: the most hated thing guys do on Facebook is stalking. You know who you are, so please stop gawking at pictures of exes or girls you wish you had in your life (that way), it’s creepy-deeps.


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