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November 2, 2011 Advice

The DON’T List: After A Break Up

Break Up Don't List

There are some things a MAN should not do after a break up. To help you remember we decided to provide you with a “DON’T” list.

1. DON’T try to be friends right away. You need time away from each other to “heal.” If you try to be friends immediately, you’re more likely to stay in couple mode. Stay away until there is real closure.

2. DON’T get a haircut or a tattoo. You just went through a big change and you feel like you need to do something to “refresh” or “boost” your life. But beware of rushing into another commitment you’ll regret. Changing your look is not the answer to feeling better. Especially if it’s a tat.

3. DON’T get another girlfriend. After a breakup you should take some time to yourself. Date, even sleep with a girl or two, but DON’T rush into another monogamous relationship to fill the void of the relationship you just came out of.

4. DON’T spill your guts on Facebook. Yes, you might be going through it right now, but please don’t update your FB status with where you’re at on the 7 stages of grief scale. It’s a downer for us and not productive for you.

5. DON’T call her every time she comes to mind. It’s normal for her to come to mind. It’s even normal for her to come to mind several times a day. But it’s not normal for you to call her every half hour. Don’t stalk her.


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