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Dude Sweet Chocolate One Night Stand Potion

Dude, Sweet Chocolate ‘One Night Stand Potion’

Travel Sex Hooking Up Infographic Main

July 30, 2014 offbeat

Travel Sex: Russian Women, One Night Stands, And Hooking Up In Public Toilets [Infographic]

Travel Sex Hooking Up Infographic Main

Have you every hooked up while traveling? If so, you aren’t alone. According to a recent study, one night stands, threesomes, and sex in public toilets is more common than you think. While hooking up with strangers on holiday may not be that shocking, some other findings from the study are.

Over 11,000 men and women were polled and asked to reveal their juiciest travel sex secrets including what they have “tried.” 43.5% said they had sex with more than one person on the same holiday. 69.3% admitted to having sex with locals and 17.5% have had threesomes. Believe it or not, 17.4% claim to take sex toys on holiday. We have a strange feeling mostly women admitted to packing their little toys.

If you believe that only men are hooking up while on holiday you are wrong. 41% of women admitted to having one night stands while traveling. Women also prefer Irish and Australian men. If you are wondering what men preferred, well, Russian chicks got the most votes.

Check out the infographic below for more shocking truths including the most common place to have sex while on the road. Two words: Public Toilet. Yikes! On the brighter side, 1 in 5 travel flings turn into relationships.

Travel Sex Hooking Up Infographic Main

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