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Dude Sweet Chocolate One Night Stand Potion

July 31, 2014 offbeat

Dude, Sweet Chocolate ‘One Night Stand Potion’

Dude Sweet Chocolate One Night Stand Potion

Chocolate tequila? Dude, you read that correctly. In what is conveniently called a ‘One Night Stand Potion,’ Dude, Sweet Chocolate combined 100 anos tequila, agave syrup, cane sugar, Valrohna cocoa powder, and South American dark chocolate sauce to create a delicious cocktail. A loose take on Mexican coffee, this chocolate potion is the creation of Chef Katherine Clapner the visionary of the entire Dude, Sweet Chocolate concept, as well as co-founder, co-owner, and Chef of the company. Yes, a girl blessed you with this dairy free magic sauce.

Dude Sweet Chocolate One Night Stand Potion

It is suggested that you pair this chocolate sauce with a vodka martini, mango and pineapple sorbets, bananas fondue, or in a coffee drink with a little whipped cream as Mexican “Irish” coffee. You don’t even need to refrigerate this chocolate potion. Available via in 4 or 16 oz. RETAIL $8-$30

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