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June 25, 2010 celebrity WOMENkind

Amber Rose “Coming Up Rose” for YBR Magazine

Yes we may be one week late on this, but we still thought we would mention Amber’s YBR interview. Let’s face it, Amber looks nice and for those that are curious about more than Amber’s looks she offers a peak into her life.

On her growing up:

“I grew up very poor, raised by a single mother,” Amber says. “We didn’t have much as far as material things, but we had love and we had fun all the time. She raised me to have confidence and always taught me to be humble no matter what God brought my way… I’m confident in everything I do in life.”

Her sense of style:

“I was always a ‘weirdo’ – well that’s what people would call me,” Amber confesses. “I had a mohawk when mohawks weren’t cool… I would get different pieces from the thrift store and put them together and make it dope. People would ask me where I got my outfits from, and I would always say the thrift store. I never denied it. I did my own thing ever since I was a little girl. I still do my own thing! Whatever makes me feel good. If I want to wear clown pants and a church hat then that’s what I’m gonna wear. [Laughs] Well, maybe not that extreme, but I could definitely pull it off .”

Her future projects:

“…Of course I do love sunglasses. They’re my babies!… Right now I’m not focusing on clothes, but I’m focusing on other really dope things

Read the entire article here.



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