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5 Signs She Is Not A Keeper

September 18, 2013 Advice

5 Signs She’s NOT A Keeper

Some girls are just good for the casual fling, while others are cast immediately into the friend zone. But, occasionally, you will find a “Keeper.” For men, this can be a difficult task deciding which category best describes the females in your life.

There are always clear warnings when you’ve found crazy instead of a keeper. Sometimes this message is crystal clear, but other times there are subtle hints that your connection with her is not the real deal. To help you decipher all the mixed emotions and confusing signals you may be navigating, we’ve put together a list of the dead giveaways that it’s time to give the relationship up.

1. Your Friends and Family Hate Her
In a perfect world, your friends and family will accept your choices, but sometimes they see things that you don’t. If your trusted, closest connections don’t care for that young lady in your life, there could be a very valid reason. If she’s a keeper, she should do more than coexist with your crew; she should be a part of the crew.

2. She’s Clingy
If she doesn’t have a life outside of you, something is definitely wrong. Every man thinks he wants a woman who puts his needs and wants first, but an independent woman with her own friends, interests, hobbies, etc. has much more to offer. A 5-star clinger is definitely not a keeper. In fact, it’s actually boring to be with someone who doesn’t bring anything new to the table. As a warning sign, clingy women tend to get very emotional, very fast.

3. Her Jealousy Is Unbearable
Men and women get jealous for different reasons. Studies have reported that men are more jealous of sexual infidelity than emotional infidelity, which are two valid reasons for anyone to be mistrustful, However, when you find that you have done absolutely nothing wrong yet she is always jealous, you may find yourself fighting to stay in a bad situation.

4. She’s Always Trying To Change You
Change can be a good thing. But, if a girl is constantly trying to tame you, fix you, and change who you are, this goes way beyond a well-meaning makeover. If she wants you to be someone else, she isn’t happy with who you are. And trust us, you’ll never make her happy. We suggest you find a girl that you can date, not a girl who wants you as her pet project.

5. It’s All About The Sex
If you don’t have much to talk about other than when you’ll hook up next, you’re not with a keeper. Chemistry is key to a great relationship, of course. But it’s only one important dimension. If you can’t find some common ground for a good relationship, it’s time to keep looking.


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