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August 5, 2010 Advice

Flirting? How To Read Her Body Language


Flirting is a tricky thing and there’s really no set rules for how to do it. BUT, if you find yourself wanting to know what your chances are with a girl, check out these tips on how to read a woman’s body language. You might save yourself some trouble!

1. Touchy, touchy!

Physical contact is almost always a good sign, unless she’s smacking you across the face. But when a girl touches you, it means she’s comfortable with you. Which is a great start.

2. Look At Her Lips

If you’re talking to a woman who licks her lips a lot, it’s either because she’s got the LL Cool J. lip licking habit OR she’s trying to direct your attention to her mouth. She wants you to notice her mouth, and maybe even kiss her.

3. Finger Linger

If she’s running her fingers through her hair, it’s because she wants to get your attention. The way she touches her hair is key.  If she does it slowly and seductively, than you are dealing with an experienced flirt.  If she has quick, jerky movements, she’s probably impatient or embarrassed.

Running her fingers on the edge of her glass, is a good sign. She’s trying to get your attention. Freudian psychologists would say it’s a sexual sign. But look for slow, graceful movements.  If she’s tapping on the glass, it’s a bad sign. She’s either annoyed or impatient. Keep it moving!

4. Legs, legs, legs

Body Language research says that a woman’s crossing and un-crossing her legs, or letting her legs swing, is a sexually charged action. The biggest tell when it comes to legs, is when a woman opens her legs without meaning it.  Freud would call it an opening symbol.

5.  What Are Her Arms Doing?

A woman who has her arms crossed in front of her is either self-conscious about her appearance, or can’t be bothered with you. It’s possible you made the WORST impression. Either way, she’s closed off for sure.

IF she’s really hot, TIP: Lean away from her, or look away from her. Tell her you have to go soon, but just make it seem like you don’t need her. We girls like a guy that’s not over doing it! Talk to other people even. She’ll miss your attention and might come around. Smile at her gradually, and progressively build with her when she opens up to you.


2 Responses to Flirting? How To Read Her Body Language

  1. Jazzie30 says:

    We know that men appreciate a woman who can communicate her needs clearly and who is take-charge enough to demonstrate her desires. We also know that men respond to actions more than endless words. But let’s assume you’ve been on a couple of dates and you sense that he is waiting for a signal from you that it’s okay to move the relationship to the next level – the physical level – without him worrying that he’s violated boundaries, possibly moved too quickly, and potentially ruined what might have otherwise been a good thing.

    ways to flirt

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