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August 25, 2010 Advice

Wanna’ Get Her In The Mood? 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do!


There are a lot of common mistakes men make when they’re trying to get their girl in the mood. Yes, we know, chicks can be difficult to read and not so quick to jump to the task. But, if you’ll have a better chance if you DON’T do the following.


Put Your Needs First

Yes, you want it bad. However, in this instance, it can’t be about you – or at least she can’t think it is.  Make the effort to put her emotional and physical needs first.


Use Lines To Seduce Her

Womp. Womp. For the most part, women respond to what they find sincere and genuine expressions of desire. Don’t hit her with your tired ass lines.


Rush Foreplay

If you take the time to do the things you know she likes and you take it slow… she’ll melt for you. Try to stimulate her all over, instead of doing the  quick boob squeeze, butt slap then straight into intercourse plan.


Think Women Respond To Visuals Like Men

Yes, women are visually stimulated, but not as much as men are. They’re juices start flowing when they feel a connection with their partner. So, emphasize that connection, your attachment to each other and make her feel comfortable with it.


Be Dirty, Sweaty, Stinky

Unless it’s a fetish that you know FOR SURE she likes, try to wash your day’s worth of work off of you, before you go for it. She’ll be more likely to engage if you’re grooming is on point. Just sayin’.


2 Responses to Wanna’ Get Her In The Mood? 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do!

  1. The Campus Socialite » Exclusive Interview with Rachael Harris, Open Letter to Christopher Nolan, Reasons Why Pledging Sucks says:

    […] 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do If You Want To Get Her In The Mood (MankindUnplugged) […]

  2. CR James says:

    This is one of very few list (on this topic) I would agree with it.

    Another important thing…and it’s spreading like wildfire (infecting innocent blogs) all over the internet…and that is:

    DO NOT

    Assuming libido-increasing drugs/herbs to be a magical solution to increasing her sexual thirst. The biggest factors are your attitude & behavior (what signals you send + how you affect her psychologically).

    It’s not like there is scientific evidence that proves that herbs can affect a part of her brain that makes her “sexually attracted” to the guy who encouraged her to take them.

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