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August 12, 2010 Advice

4 Things In Your Apartment That Will Scare Her Away


Chances are that if you got a girl to go to your place, you’re probably doing alright for yourself. But let’s keep it real, if you want to keep her excited once she’s at your place, there’s some apartment cleansing that might need to happen. Why? Because girls see everything and they’re constantly sizing you up. Sorry, it’s the truth. Increase your chances. Read!

1. More Than One Cell Phone – Makes You Look Like A 2 Timer

Maybe one is for personal and one is for business, fine. But for the most part, 2 or more cell phones/devices, in a woman’s mind is a red flag. Her thought process is that you have one phone for your girlfriend and the other one is for the chicks you pick up along the way.  Not good! Put your “business” phone away.

2. Your Mother’s Pictures Everywhere

One picture of your mom= sweet. Many pictures of your mom= potential problem. I know, I know, you love your mom. We love her too, just don’t over do it. OK?

3. Beer Brand or Neon Lights

Sorry, your love of using lights intended to be hung in bar windows, is not hot. If you bring a girl over and she sees this, she’ll think you’re a beer-guzzling, useless guy, with no sense of style and most likely share the place with 4 other dudes. That might actually be the case, but it won’t get you laid.

4. Your Ex-girlfriend’s Stuff

What? Didn’t realize that was still there? Well, guess what… dig deep into your drawers, under your bed, wherever there might be remnants or hints of another girl.  Even a misplaced earring will raise some questions, and you don’t want that.


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