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April 1, 2010 Advice

Double Dating: When Your Girlfriend Wants to Bring Her Girlfriend

If your girlfriend always wants to bring her best friend and expects you to bring one of your friends, what should you do?

So, you need to know how to tell your girlfriend that you do not want to double date.
As the expression goes two’s company, three’s a crowd. Four… well let’s just say BUZZ KILL especially when you want some “alone time” with your girl. Whether your girlfriend wants to double date for all your dates or just socially, I think the best approach is to be direct and just say no.

There is a chance that your girlfriend may feel guilty that she is ahead of her best friend in the boyfriend department and is simply trying to compensate for that by playing matchmaker. In any case, you must let your girlfriend know that you are not feeling the double dating thing. Please also consider there is a possibility that in the past the unbalance of your girlfriend having a new boyfriend may have caused tension between the two friends and she is looking to avoid that situation again. Regardless of the dynamics between the two women this arrangement can make you start to feel uncomfortable and the best way to approach the topic is to be firm, yet gentle. The next time your girlfriend suggests double dating, simply say that your friends are unavailable to come along. This will give the two of you a chance to enjoy your date night alone but more importantly it will give you an opportunity to see how she responds. Most normal adults want time alone with their partner and it is not unreasonable to expect and suggest to your girlfriend that you would like the same. Good luck and remember you are dating your girlfriend and not her friend or a beautiful russian women.

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