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October 22, 2010 Guy Stuff

Crocodile on Plane Escapes and Kills 19


Yes, you read the headline right! I did not believe it either. I am sure you are thinking how did a crocodile get on a plane? Allegedly, some idiot thought it was a great idea to bring a crocodile onboard in a carrier bag. Of course you already know the crocodile escaped.

What happened next is still to be determined, but it is believed that terrified passengers panicked (who wouldn’t panic) and ran to the front of the plane causing the aircraft to become unbalanced. Once uneven, the plane went into a tailspin and crashed.

“The crocodile survived the crash before being cut up with a machete.” – Unknown

A representative from the Air Accidents Investigations Branch of the Department for Transport said “If this were the cause of the accident it is truly extraordinary.” The rep also added the following comments:

“I would say it’s extremely unlikely this story holds water but I wouldn’t rule it out completely.”

The pilot and all the passengers died. The lone survivor from the Let 410 plane told this amazing tale to investigators. I wonder if the only survivor was the person who allegedly brought the crocodile on the plane.

For more on the story click here.


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