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November 9, 2010 Grooming

4 Tips For Looking Pulled Together In a Pinch


Slap on some lotion!


This might sound like a woman’s tip, but it’s not. Ashy skin is just not attractive. Plus, the appearance of good skin will make people think you really take care of yourself.  Think of lotion as your one stop shop to looking maintained. Put it on your arms, hands, focus on your knuckles, and don’t forget your cuticles.

Emergency Shirt


Always have a clean and crisp shirt ready for a last minute outing. Even if it’s laundry day, you must have your emergency shirt on reserve. Like my grandmother always said:  “You can’t trust a man with a wrinkled shirt.”  Keep in mind this shirt, should be collared, and preferably has epaulets on the shoulder. Stylish details add flair and make people think you had the time to pick something nice out, even if you didn’t.

Mints, Breath Strips, Something!


Fresh breath is key in being pulled together… this is too obvious. But consider a woman that has it all going on: perfect hair, good sense of style, nice smile, but BAD BREATH. That’s a killer. Be ahead of the game and have something to freshen your breath, in your desk at work or in your car’s glove box.

Sick Accessory


Men need only have one great accessory to make a statement. I recommend a nice watch. A watch can say a lot about a man, and can hint toward your taste level to women. It doesn’t have to be a Rolex, but it definitely shouldn’t be a Folex. No knockoffs, just find something that makes a simple, elegant, manly statement.


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