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April 28, 2011 Advice

How To End It Like A Man

For most guys, breaking up with a girlfriend is a downright scary thing to do. Even guys that aren’t afraid of an ugly scene or making a girl cry, have a hard time. But don’t resort to sending a text to do your dirty work. There are proper ways to handle a breakup.  Here are the steps on how to breakup like a gentleman.

Meet in a public place

When ending a relationship, you should do it in a neutral place.  Doing it at your place or hers could give either one of you the home court advantage, and that’s not gonna’ end right. Also, meeting at a public place will minimize the chance that she will act a fool after hearing the news.

Take It Easy On Her

This seems obvious, but a lot of guys when breaking up think that being “tactful” also means being “cold”.  That is not the case! Be gentle with her. Be as humane as you possibly can. Avoid attacking her character or her ego.

Don’t Email or Text Her

Unless you’re in a long distance relationship and barely see each other, you should not end a relationship in any other way except for face to face. Facing her while you explain the reasons you’re breaking up will definitely help to get the finality of the situation across to her.  Remember, women need closure! Breaking up with her over the phone will feel almost surreal.

Practice What You’re Going To Say

You need to have a game plan when it comes time to break up with your girlfriend. Think it through thoroughly and lock down the reasons that you want to end it. This will help you to speak clearly when you meet her.

Keep It Cool

If you’ve taken the steps above to heart, there most likely won’t be a scene. However, your girl, um… ex-girl might not take the break up well. She might cry, be mad as hell, or try to talk you out of the breakup. You can empathize with her but, don’t try to prolong the breakup process by agreeing to try to work on the relationship if you feel that you’ve already done that.


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